A Collection Of Catchy Five Paragraph Essay Topics

Five Paragraph Essay topics are easy to come up with. This is because Five Paragraph Essay topics are mostly drawn from subjects that are not so complex. However, in order to come up with good Five Paragraph Essay topics, some brainstorming has to be applied.  At bushbooks.com students can get very reliable assistance when writing a 5 paragraph essay.


Writing a 5 paragraph essay should not be a frustrating experience. Writing a 5 paragraph essay becomes easier and more enjoyable with a lot of practice. Scholars are advised to also read as many sample essay papers as possible so as to perfect their academic writing skills. By looking at sample papers, scholars are able to develop ideas of their own and even come up with better work than the samples.

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It is common for students to buy essay papers. Different students buy essay papers for different reasons. There are thousands upon thousands of websites where students can buy essay papers online. However, it is advisable for students to ensure that the get their essay papers from only highly qualified academic writers. Professional academic writers normally come up with high quality essay papers that students can access and use for reference as they are writing their essay papers.

Mostly, five paragraph essays are written by students in lower academic levels. However, sometimes even college students may be required by their professors at some point to write these kinds of essays. It is therefore important to learn how to come up with great topics and to write such essays.

Essay topics have to give the reader an idea of what is contained in the essay. With just a single glance, the attention of the reader should be grasped. This way they will be curious to read the rest of the document. Therefore how you frame your essay topic is very important. Sometimes scholars keep changing the framing of their essay topic as they further their research. If this happens to you, there is no reason to panic. It is alright to keep changing your topic until you are certain you have gotten your best. It can also be helpful to ask a second party of their opinion on your topic.

You no longer have to worry about prices for your essays. Going through various examples of essay topics online or from other sources can also be very helpful. Here are a few examples of essay topics for a five paragraph essay:

  • How to best prepare for an exam
  • Importance of adult education today
  • The negative effects of GMOs
  • How to foster cultural adversity
  • Mastering emotional intelligence
  • Leadership is a skill
  • A day at Disney world
  • The lifespan of a housefly

As you will notice from most of the examples you will come across, five paragraph essays are mostly for tackling ‘light’ subjects. Very complex subjects may not be sufficiently discussed in this kind of essay. This is mostly because it is meant to be a short essay of five paragraphs that is easy to read. At bushbooks.com scholars can find more examples for possible topics for a five paragraph essay.