Essay On How To Create And Lead Technology In The News Posts

Once in a while students are required to write an essay on create and lead technology in the news posts. This can prove challenging if one is clueless concerning the ideas that form a good team.


When creating a new post in any job it is important to come up with a team to implement t activities that will help achieve the goals of the post. It is also important to equip the team with technological tools and support for achieving set objectives.

Essentially team work is meant to create leaders who can take up new posts. Theorists thus propose four major stages of teamwork that every single team experiences and elaborate the role of the leaders in each team:

  • This is the initial stage of a group and it occurs just after selection of members of the team. In many cases this stage is characterized by positivity and courteousness as members acclimatize to their new positions and relations. The leader should define the objectives of the team and clearly show the hierarchies of accountability. He or she should also give clear directions as to which activities will be undertaken in order to achieve the said objectives. Additionally leaders are expected to provide regular feedback on the team progress and also solve any problems that prove challenging to the team.
  • Order high quality essays that have a money back guarantee. This stage is normally considered a rough stage for most teams because they have to implement the activities set in order to achieve the goals and objectives set. While this can be fruitful for some, it is bound to be challenging for others. This will elicit different reactions and feelings from the different parties. Feelings of frustration and conflict can easily arise during this stage. The leader is supposed to show strong support to members and solve any conflicts and roadblocks faced by the team. He is also to offer feedback on progress.
  • This is described as the acclimatization stage because the members of the team have now passed the difficult stage and are getting used to each other and their roles in the team. This stage marks synchronization of efforts towards the goals and objectives. Leaders can thus relax their grips and allow members to work independently all the while providing relevant feedback. It is also necessary to provide resources that can enhance achievement of the goals and remove any challenges that may hinder group success.
  • This is the last stage and during this period the members are now used to each other. They thus face fewer obstacles and can be allowed to operate autonomously. There is enhanced collaboration towards achieving the given goals. The leaders should provide support and feedback whenever necessary in addition to delegating specific duties. Evaluation should also be carried to assess the general performance of individuals as well as group.

These stages form the main process of creating and leading a team. It helps in identifying team leaders and fitting individuals into new posts at work.