A Strategy Of Writing An Essay Against Gun Control

The violence with guns is not new. The moment the gun was discovered, the path ahead was already laden with blood. The fact that even civilians can own guns if they wish to only goes on to show that committing a crime with guns is not difficult at all. While there are several laws that are persistent enough in execution, the ease with which people continue to buy firearms continues to be a major reason of concern.

Writing a paper on gun control is equal parts difficult and interesting. It is interesting because you will be dealing with a real problem in the paper. And it is difficult because the problem has been the problem in many other papers as well. So you will find it very difficult to find new angles in the paper.

  • Where should you start the essay?
  • There is really no one place to start in this regard. When speaking of the available records, you should take care not to quote from any source which is not verified. Apart from that, it is always safe to make a start with the figures of the case.

    You may also start with an explanation on the grave danger that a problem like guns has on our society.

  • The revelations in the last few decades
  • There have been many telling tales on gun violence in the last few decades. Especially in the U.S, there have been several places where gun violence has led to adverse conditions. There have also been several casualties by teenagers and at time, by small children.

  • The undertones of racism
  • The flowing undertones on racism just cannot be ignored when writing a paper on gun violence. There are several ways in which you will be required to reflect the very emotions that keep you going. While the authorities have been in a state of denial, it is true that there have been several undertones of racism when looking at this problem.

  • The gun or the mind
  • The hate really emanates from the mind and translates in gun violence at a much later stage. If you have been at the same platform you should realize that the media has not been able to portray the effective cause and roots of the same.

  • Lack of tolerance
  • The lack of tolerance is something that you would find very relevant when writing an essay on gun control. Many convicts have shown a remarkable change in traits after rehabilitation.

A Manual On How To Write An Expository Essay Step By Step

Essays of this type imply a solid analysis on the given subject, based on facts only, and free of the influences of any opinions. It’s an essential task to master such a type of writing, because this skill is quite useful, if not required, for many kinds of jobs.

An expository essay usually has a five-paragraph structure. It consists of an introduction, which determines a main thesis, a body of three paragraphs supporting the given thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes the key ideas. To perform such a thorough analysis properly, it’s better to do it step by step.

6 Main Steps of Writing an Expository Essay

  1. Understand the purpose of your writing.
  2. Check the assignment guidelines. Clear up all the questionable issues with your tutor before planning your paper. Look for examples online to understand the way of performing this task.

  3. Define your main ideas.
  4. Use various creative tools to get inspired, including the ones listed in the second paragraph of this article.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. In order to not sink in the sea of thoughts, prepare an outline for your paper first. This will help you structure it.

  7. Study relevant sources.
  8. Good analysis of any kind implies deep knowledge on the subject, so it’s useful to do brief research. Don’t forget to evaluate the sources you use for their credibility. Making notes while reading is a brilliant decision as well.

  9. Start writing.
  10. Always keep in mind the whole structure of your essay. You will stick to a plain style of expressing your thoughts, easily understandable for the readers.

  11. Review and edit your paper.
  12. Check the complete work for all types of mistakes. If you have enough time, re-read it after a while. Something that has escaped your attention before may become obvious.

Tips on Enhancing Your Creative Thinking

Here are several helpful methods widely used to improve writing skills and achieve better performance:

  • Listing.
  • Try to list all the ideas that come to your mind. Choose the brightest ones.

  • Clustering.
  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper and write the key idea of your paper in it. Extend several lines from the circle and write supporting points at the end of each line. Continue extending the scheme if needed.

  • Freewriting.
  • Write non-stop for 5-10 minutes on the topic of your paper all that comes to you mind. Don’t edit yourself while writing. Stop and pick up the most useful insights out of what you’ve written.

The Right Approach To Writing An Essay About A Sports Event

When writing an essay about an event of any nature, you must ensure you utilize on the whole aspect of allowing the reader to experience a reality feeling, meaning, as if they were present. You must also ensure that all information presented is factual and is of value to the reader and not only provided as a “placeholder”. Every research paper no matter what the topic must be able to portray a particular concept which is of substantial value whether directly or indirectly to the receivers and readers. Take for instance writing a paper on a sports event. It is not necessary to only do the descriptive writing of the place but educate readers on features they never knew about. You can also hire professionals from custom essay writing services to have your paper written effortlessly.

When writing a paper about a sports event, there are certain steps you must follow to get the paper effectively done. This include:

  • STEP 1
  • Introduce the event – This will determine whether or not the reader will be interested or compelled to want to read any further. You must ensure you provide a powerful introduction which describes, educate and provide a basic concept with which the reader can relate to directly or indirectly. The introduction must inform the reader about the sporting event which you are writing about.

  • STEP 2
  • Outline your main reason for writing – If you are simply writing to describe an event, the reader may not be compelled to read the paper in its entirety as they may feel they could simply research that basic information. Writing in a narrative format will help to bring about persuasion from the reader if it is you are trying to make a proposition.

  • STEP 3
  • Utilize first-person point of view – This is a powerful way of making your point clear to readers without having a “forceful approach”. It gently gets your point across in a strong way that may help to influence readers to agree on your point. It is vital too that you have strong support and proof of your stance. Bear in mind also that not all readers will fully agree with your point. As a second to this step, you can also weigh both positive and negative factors that may be associated with your assignment topic.

  • STEP 4
  • Conclude your paper – Reiterate on your points and use this opportunity to close any open points you have.

Writing a sports event essay does not only mean presenting research descriptions about the place but also taking into consideration aspects such as the impact on real-life situations. Persons who read any form of written text always want to have that feeling of real-life connection and while reading, finding the importance of why the document was written. Give your readers an intriguing yet educative document.

A Collection Of Catchy Five Paragraph Essay Topics

Five Paragraph Essay topics are easy to come up with. This is because Five Paragraph Essay topics are mostly drawn from subjects that are not so complex. However, in order to come up with good Five Paragraph Essay topics, some brainstorming has to be applied.  At bushbooks.com students can get very reliable assistance when writing a 5 paragraph essay.


Writing a 5 paragraph essay should not be a frustrating experience. Writing a 5 paragraph essay becomes easier and more enjoyable with a lot of practice. Scholars are advised to also read as many sample essay papers as possible so as to perfect their academic writing skills. By looking at sample papers, scholars are able to develop ideas of their own and even come up with better work than the samples.

Order essays that meet your academic expectations.

It is common for students to buy essay papers. Different students buy essay papers for different reasons. There are thousands upon thousands of websites where students can buy essay papers online. However, it is advisable for students to ensure that the get their essay papers from only highly qualified academic writers. Professional academic writers normally come up with high quality essay papers that students can access and use for reference as they are writing their essay papers.

Mostly, five paragraph essays are written by students in lower academic levels. However, sometimes even college students may be required by their professors at some point to write these kinds of essays. It is therefore important to learn how to come up with great topics and to write such essays.

Essay topics have to give the reader an idea of what is contained in the essay. With just a single glance, the attention of the reader should be grasped. This way they will be curious to read the rest of the document. Therefore how you frame your essay topic is very important. Sometimes scholars keep changing the framing of their essay topic as they further their research. If this happens to you, there is no reason to panic. It is alright to keep changing your topic until you are certain you have gotten your best. It can also be helpful to ask a second party of their opinion on your topic.

You no longer have to worry about prices for your essays. Going through various examples of essay topics online or from other sources can also be very helpful. Here are a few examples of essay topics for a five paragraph essay:

  • How to best prepare for an exam
  • Importance of adult education today
  • The negative effects of GMOs
  • How to foster cultural adversity
  • Mastering emotional intelligence
  • Leadership is a skill
  • A day at Disney world
  • The lifespan of a housefly

As you will notice from most of the examples you will come across, five paragraph essays are mostly for tackling ‘light’ subjects. Very complex subjects may not be sufficiently discussed in this kind of essay. This is mostly because it is meant to be a short essay of five paragraphs that is easy to read. At bushbooks.com scholars can find more examples for possible topics for a five paragraph essay.

Essay On How To Create And Lead Technology In The News Posts

Once in a while students are required to write an essay on create and lead technology in the news posts. This can prove challenging if one is clueless concerning the ideas that form a good team.


When creating a new post in any job it is important to come up with a team to implement t activities that will help achieve the goals of the post. It is also important to equip the team with technological tools and support for achieving set objectives.

Essentially team work is meant to create leaders who can take up new posts. Theorists thus propose four major stages of teamwork that every single team experiences and elaborate the role of the leaders in each team:

  • This is the initial stage of a group and it occurs just after selection of members of the team. In many cases this stage is characterized by positivity and courteousness as members acclimatize to their new positions and relations. The leader should define the objectives of the team and clearly show the hierarchies of accountability. He or she should also give clear directions as to which activities will be undertaken in order to achieve the said objectives. Additionally leaders are expected to provide regular feedback on the team progress and also solve any problems that prove challenging to the team.
  • Order high quality essays that have a money back guarantee. This stage is normally considered a rough stage for most teams because they have to implement the activities set in order to achieve the goals and objectives set. While this can be fruitful for some, it is bound to be challenging for others. This will elicit different reactions and feelings from the different parties. Feelings of frustration and conflict can easily arise during this stage. The leader is supposed to show strong support to members and solve any conflicts and roadblocks faced by the team. He is also to offer feedback on progress.
  • This is described as the acclimatization stage because the members of the team have now passed the difficult stage and are getting used to each other and their roles in the team. This stage marks synchronization of efforts towards the goals and objectives. Leaders can thus relax their grips and allow members to work independently all the while providing relevant feedback. It is also necessary to provide resources that can enhance achievement of the goals and remove any challenges that may hinder group success.
  • This is the last stage and during this period the members are now used to each other. They thus face fewer obstacles and can be allowed to operate autonomously. There is enhanced collaboration towards achieving the given goals. The leaders should provide support and feedback whenever necessary in addition to delegating specific duties. Evaluation should also be carried to assess the general performance of individuals as well as group.

These stages form the main process of creating and leading a team. It helps in identifying team leaders and fitting individuals into new posts at work.

Handpicked Admission Essay Topics To Choose From

Due to the high number of students who attain the minimum points for college and university admission, admission boards are forced to come up with more ways of selecting the best candidate apart from academic performance. Such include admission essay.


When you are writing admission essays, the admission board provides admission essay topics from where to choose, and may give you the liberty to choose topics. Either way, you need help from writing experts at bushbooks.com and your teachers for guidance in writing the best.

Order admission essays that guarantees you top scores. Admission essay boards coin admission essay topics in such a way that they prompt students to talk about their personal experiences and give a personal statement. Giving a personal statement is important because admission boards are interested in giving an opportunity to students whose interest is to give back to the society. Therefore, from the admission essay topics assigned, you must select a topic that is in line with your passion. Your admission essay should give your story.

Different colleges and universities are ranked differently, and so they differ on how they issue admission essays topics. Some institutions place them on their school websites for students to read if they are interested, others email them to all interested candidates while others only send them to a few students who score exceptionally well in their examination. You have a responsibility to contact your Dream College or university, and how you will access the topics, and the deadline for submission.

Admission essay topics are given in form of prompts. You have a responsibility to understand and respond to the prompt failure to which you earn an automatic disqualification. Let professionals or your teacher help you to understand the prompt and write the essay.  Following the basic guidelines given as you write the admission essay is as important as understanding the essay. Below are some admission essay topics/prompts you may be required to write about.

  • Who is your favorite sports personality and how has he/she influenced your career choice
  • Choose a topic that interests you and write about it
  • What challenge is prevalent in your society and how would you contribute to eradicating it given an opportunity
  • Have you ever participated in community work and how has it influenced you
  • Where do you plan to be in the next ten years?

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A List Of Outstanding Deductive Essay Topics

Deductive essays are extremely crucial in the learning field. In essence, they aid in evaluating the knowledge level and capabilities of a student in a number of subjects. When assigned a deductive essay, you invariably need to reason about many things in your subconscious mind.


Deductive essay need to be clear and detailed. Thus, come up with the most appropriate deductive essay topics. In addition, the topics of interest should also stand out to increase the credibility of the essay. If having problems in your assignment writing, bushbooks.com can lend a helping hand.

Deductive essays do not differ from other essays. Therefore, do not have any worries choosing your essay topics. Deductive essay topics apply in many academic disciplines. These disciplines include politics, sociology, history, business and medicine and much more. Hence, you just need to have superb writing skills in order to come up with a unique and high quality deductive essay. Surprisingly, with the best topics, your deductive essay assignment writing will be fun and easier.

Order essays written meticulously to help you earn top grades. There are numerous topics to collate for your deductive essay. Nevertheless, your essay topics need to fit your essay perfectly. In addition, the topics of interest should be easy to research about and collate outstanding facts and evidences to support your pointers. Some of these topics include:

  • What are the benefits of immunization?
  • Should human cloning be encouraged?
  • Why technology need to be used in classroom teaching
  • Why internet policing by the government is vital
  • Dieting and weight loss
  • The investigation of the assassination of John F Kennedy
  • How world war change the world positively
  • Is it morally right to legalize abortion?
  • Should mobile phones be allowed in high school?
  • Why anti-doping is essential in athletics
  • How pro-life and pro-choice affect society
  • What crucial roles do media play in politics?
  • The role played by United Nations in international politics.
  • What is the nature of totalitarianism?
  • Is depression a mental illness?
  • Is the government hiding drug traffickers?
  • Benefits of introducing dress code in workplace
  • Gender discrimination in government offices
  • Why businesses go bankrupt
  • Should political cartoons be happening?
  • The best marketing strategies for an online business
  • How to manage people in the business sector
  • Factors attracting youngsters into politics
  • Should you put your pert to sleep using pills?
  • How celebrity can influence the outcome of an election
  • The influence of internet in business
  • The benefits of E-banking
  • Should age discrimination in workplaces be tolerable?

With the best deductive essay topics, it is extremely easy to write your paper. Nevertheless, ensure, you choose your topic wisely always. Whether experienced or green in the field, always consult with experts and get essential guidelines on how to tackle deductive assignment writing task.

While writing your deductive essay, do not just consider the above-mentioned topics. Interestingly, research painstakingly online or in the local libraries and find outstanding topics for your essay. When stuck on your daunting essay assignment, just let bushbooks.com help you draft a compelling deductive essay. Alternatively, you can buy some of the available essays and use them as samples.

Programming Homework Help From Industry Experts

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Whether you’re a college student or a university student, you will always have to deal with a number of different assignments all at the same time. In this situation, it is only a matter of time when you say enough is enough and move to a professional homework helper. This usually happens when you have to finish a programming assignment within a limited timeframe. Programming homework assignments are difficult to handle because you need to have complete info about the underlying concepts to be able to crack the code properly. This is when you can come to bushbooks.com and enjoy comprehensive help with programming homework of all types.

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Physics Homework Answers For Every Assignment

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